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Multi-Treptipanic Collagen Actuation

Non-Surgical Solutions for your Face and Neck

Non-Surgical Face Solutions

Youthful lips are dewy fresh.  Mother nature hasn’t graced all of us with full lips, so many turn to fillers such as Juvederm or Voluma.  This approach does have the wow factor for immediate results, but as the human immune system metabolize those injectables...the area can become stretched resulting in more wrinkles.   Most fillers will initially last between 3-6 months. Your body is great at finding foreign substances and eliminating them. So future injectables tend to metabolize quicker. Then you may be left in an endless loop of filler, wrinkles, and more filler.  This can be frustrating and expensive! Typical lip fillers will hit your wallet for in excess of $1000. And we all have seen the results of unnatural filled lips: No more “blown out” lips or duck bills Please!


A more natural alternative to fuller lips and diminished wrinkles is MCA.  Multi-treptipanic Collagen Actuation causes your own body to respond to treated areas with collagen in the form of scar tissue.   When the area is sculpted your own body takes over. The benefits are: 

Firmer, more youthful lips, diminished wrinkles and marionette lines for a lasting result at a fraction of the cost.   There is not a lot of structure to the lower face other than dental work to hold age at bay. MCA creates a wonderful bolster for your skin to drape.  


MCA and skin needling of the face take about an hour in office.   Follow ups and routine maintenance keep you looking naturally beautiful.


Non-Surgical Neck Lift 

Nothing gives away your age like your neck.  Holding up your head with dignity is a big job!  You may have thought you needed to go under the knife for this delicate area.  Skin needling and tightening for your neck gives sculpted structure, relieves stiffness and just plain gives confidence.  


Facial MCA and Needling


Non-Surgical Neck Needling
Neck Needling and Sculpting


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