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5 Things that make you Beautiful!

Do you know the top 5 things that literally make you pretty? Guess what? It's not going under the knife or expensive beauty treatments!

  1. Smile! Researchers show photos of still faces with and without smiles. Handsdown, the smiley faces were chosen as the most beautiful! If you're like me, I feel insecure about my smile. My dad's nose pops out of my face and its all I see. Maybe you have a crooked smile, teeth, or wrinkles. Learn to embrace that. Practise walking around with a small smile on your face at all times. Positivity exudes beauty!

2. Motion! When you are animated or moving, people see you as you really are...not just a frozen picture version of yourself . A great way to get a good "selfie" is to video yourself doing a certain task and picking a frame from the video. In this way, you look naturally beautiful and more like the "real you".

3. Confidence: It's the key. Try your hardest to not worry about your motions or smiles. Be confident that God made you unique and special. There's not another You out there! I like the phrase "Be Yourself, everyone else is taken"

4. Simplicity. It not only makes a room decor inviting but it makes you more inviting too! Keep makeup at a minimum (permanent makeup is great for this!) and don't over accessorise your outfits.

5. Cleanliness. Yes, it's next to Godliness lol. Clean teeth; Clean fresh hair, Clean Clothing, Clean nails. Fresh Smelling. Ok so down dirty here; Toothpaste, shampoo, manis, deodorant; Breath Mints, Dry shampoo sprays, Clean fragrances.... It really does matter

I hope this article helps you "Live Beautifully" in every way.

Lynn Soles

Permanent Beauty llc

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