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Beauty Hacks!!! Easy Look! 8 Tips for you while you are having to be away from the spa!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

me having used my beauty hacks personally

Want to look naturally beautiful but afraid to ask the price? I want to share with my wonderful clients some easy and cheap ways to look effortless and natural! A Few Beauty Hacks that I use often are below!

Beauty Hacks

1. Permanent Cosmetics of course! Having a base look that stays with you makes everyday beauty effortless. Adding mascara and some blush and lip gloss is really all you have to do if you get "The Trifecta" (full permanent makeup). No more misplaced eyebrows, no more eyeliner smudges, and no more lip color on your coffee cups. Wake up Flawless every day.

2. Vitamin E Oil: I use daily to remove mascara It is great for conditioning your brows and eyelashes. It also keeps your permanent eyeliner looking dark and fresh. Walmart has a good line of inexpensive oils. You can find Hollywood brand for about $5 in the skin care center.

3. Even out dark spots: Well, Skin Needling is the top key to that one! A facial with a chemical peel and needling really gets in there and helps your skin heal itself. But a product I highly recommend is AMBI. You can find AMBI in Walmart with the ethnic skin care. Its in a bronze colored bottle. This has a perscription strength Hydroxi. You can buy it for under $10. No need to spend $50 or more at an expensive makeup kiosk or a medspa.

4. Preperation H Cream: What? Yeah I said it. Buy some cream and put under your eyes at night. It reduces puffiness and encourages tightening of this area.

5. Having breakouts on your face? Sometimes leaving the area to heal is the best option. Over washing encourages the immune system to go nuts. Oxygen is needed so don't drown breakouts in heavy creams and drying hydrogen peroxide.

You may be suprised to try Moniztat 7. Yes I did say it again...Moniztat 7. Used primarily for yeast infections and athletes foot. But sometimes the break out is caused by bacteria and fungi. Try it next time!

6. I have permanent makeup but what about foundation? Well my secret is exfoliating my face every Wednesday (pick a day) with Epsom salt and Vit. E oil. If you have sensitive skin then substitute Sugar for the Salt. Rub in good, rinse and repeat. Then I spray tan my face with Quick tan bought at Sally's Beauty Supply. I spray lightly (I use med/dark) and then use hairdrier to dry. Then I repeat: I have sunkissed glow and I can add a little bronzer and concealer if I need it.

7. Love Lashes? I love the one two lash magnetic founders lashes, But don't buy an off-brand . These take some getting used to but worth it... But daily I use a eyelash curler which I warm up with the hairdrier. Its like a curling iron for your lashes. Then I put mascara on the tips of lashes and let it dry. And lastly I put on more over the whole lash. I love "Falsies" mascara from Maybelline. About $7 at Walmart

8. Stay put shadow? Easy. Buy inexpensive color (Love Malani) Dip your applicator in Saline and then the color. Goes on creamy and lasts all day.

Hey I've got a lot more to share with you..... But more secrets on another day :)

Live Beautifully!

Lynn Soles

Permanent Beauty llc

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1 Comment

Patricia Miller
Jan 25, 2020

I love the Beauty Hacks info!! These ideas have been printed off to take with me the next time I visit Walmart. Thanks so much for taking the time to list these items that will save a lot of money and time!

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