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Behind the scenes for Permanent Makeup

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

My wonderful client agreed to be photographed throughout her procedures today. She is here seen getting her brow and eye liner combo.

an image showing the permanent makeup procedure

First she is prepped ,measured and numbed. After she is numb a hairstroke design with a light brown pigment is applied to the brow design. Then her eyes are rinsed and lined with soft black pigment. She is then given an ice pack for about 10 minutes. She is seen here with a care kit and instructions to take home for her care. Her brows will heal to a soft light brown in about 4 days

She heads out within an hour and 1/2 ready to be free from makeup this 4th of July! Easy living Beautifully !

Call Lynn to schedule your appointment 919-291-7810 or

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