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Can I Have a REDO? Corrective cosmetics

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Let’s talk about correction: A client has been somewhere and got “microblading ‘ done. Initially they are thrilled. Then a few weeks go by ...... they look spotty and color has gone cool. To make it look normal they are now having to apply more brow makeup then they ever did before. Help! They initially did it so they didn’t have to worry about their brows but now that’s all they do! It sounded so easy. They said all the right words "you'll look natural", Well so here we are:

Microblading is a procedure that is having a new awakening. But it's really an older form of hand tattooing. Because the brows were sliced sideways to create a hairstroke...they can heal with scar tissue that effects how pigment is seen..or if area can even be refreshed. Cookie cutter brows will never look natural... So to fix these situations many times I have to correct pigments on my "canvas"

Taking responsibility for a procedure done by another artist is a big committment for both of us. At least 3 appointments are needed to correct color and then add a 3D signature brow that you feel good about.

corrective cosmetics example
I wish I had gone to Permanent Beauty in the first place"

No there is no "do over" but most of the time I can help. Because there are a lot of factors to discuss about correction I always recommend clients book a consultation so I can assess the situation. Correction work is a bit more pricey which I know feels awful because you probably paid someone a good amount to do a undesirable job for you. I do have a passion for "fixing" things for my clients.

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