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Copy of Happy Easter! Why do you seek the living among the dead?

Stunned women; grieving desperately. All they wanted was to finish a proper burial for their beloved. Crazy government and spiritual laws forbid it done in time. They wanted to finish this properly, even in their anguish and despair. Imagine....their anger rising as it mixed with unbearable tears. The stone was rolled away!!!! He was gone. They hear a man who is sitting.. sitting!!! On the Stone. How dare him! Then he asked ..."Why do you seek the living among the dead?" Turning around to see a man standing behind them. The morning sunlight making him a silhoutte against the brightness. One woman in frantic tears says to who she thinks is the gardener.."Sir please just tell me where put him.....we have to anoint his lifeless body.....Its our custom."

Then that precious voice: "Mary!"

It was Him ALIVE!

What will you do with this hope and truth! My heart soars

Happy Easter. He Has Risen Indeed and His Next Promise is still coming...........

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