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Five Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Permanent Makeup...

1. Math Really Matters! I'm an artist but I have to measure and map a face before I do a portrait and when I do permanent makeup. There is no "winging" it when doing brows and lips. Before your Signiture 3D Hairstroke brow is even begun we have mapped and drawn all over your face to ensure proper placement and symmentry. Even if Brows are Sisters and Not Twins.

2. Your Pigment and needle choice is everything!!!!! Pigments behave in the skin differently over time...exposure to elements like the sun or creams containing retinol and hydroxi. Someone asked me this week why I don't just use "tattoo" pigment for her brows. Ahhhhhh.... thats why you come to me. I ensure pigments are safe for you, manufactured in the USA. And Girls...I am busy my pigments are never old! I have 3 awesome machines and many different needle choices I use in my clinic. Knowing what is best for each client and procedure helps a good outcome. (And I also buy American made machine and disposable needles.

3. Your safety is my number one concern. Thats why I am certified in CPR, Bloodbourne Pathogens, and inspected by the Department of Environmental Health. No needles, pigment, anesthetics or clothes are ever used more than once.

4. Guess What! It isn't terribly painful. Honestly.. I just did a 97 year old beauty's eyeliner and she was a jem. I use great anethetics available to me as a certified cosmentic professional to keep you comfortable. I even give you makeup "buddies" to love on during your procedure...and you can listen to any music that you want.

5. Permanent Cosmetics have come a long way!! I promise I won't make you look like great aunt Alice who had black pencil thin brows.tattooed on, and baby boop lips. I wont use pigment that makes you look like you have bruises on your face. You can be sure I'll collaborate with you to create a modern, natural look.

Stay tuned for more on these subjects and if you have a question that I've spurred here...just comment or call me 919-291-7810

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