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Five Things I Bet You Don't Know About Injectable Fillers

There are two types of injectables that are red hot these days: One is a neuromodular (Botox) which freezes facial muscles...usually in the forehead region. Another is a Filler. Fillers have a hyaluronic acid base and are used to fill lines, wrinkles and to add fullness to cheeks and lips... So here's some 411 I bet you didn't know

1. A New Generation

No Testing has been done on a new generation of women and men who began injecting their faces while they are restructure their facial features. Injectables were designed primarily for the older generation to help with ageing. This early use phenomenon can be blamed on the social media culture pressuring young people to look like a filtered version of themselves. Millennials are seeking excessive fillers in order to "look natural". There are problems with this psychologically and physically.

2. Damage to the skin?

Excessive stretching of the skin even in older individuals who rely on fillers is already being seen as a problem.

Dr. Dan Kennedy of Australian Society of Plastic Surgery says that excessive uses of filler is resulting in long term damage to the face.. including wrinkling of the lips and the disturbance of fat pads in the face. Fat pads are necessary for keeping skin hydrated and protecting the blood vessels in the face. Kennedy has seen the detaching of these important pads. "I ALWAYS advise against fillers completely" Dr. Kennedy says. Brave to admit in an industry that is booming.

3. They are Temporary.

Botox needs to be repeated every 3-5 mths to keep the muscle frozen. Fillers have a one - two punch: They show immediate results which is highly satisfying for patients, but last at first up to 6 mths. But as an individual's immune system learns what the hyaluronic acid is, it gets better at eliminating it from the body. This means in order to keep that puffed-up lip, you'll probably be refilling them every 3 mths. These procedures can be extremely expensive.

4. They Distort our Reality:

Dr Karyn Grossman is a cosmetic dermatologist in Santa Monica and NYC. Her clinic offers these injectables. But she has seen clients who have no idea they are walking around with "Balloon Faces" as she puts it. "They don't see it. The change happened so gradually for them and they have crossed a line". Providers in this industry need to know when that line is being crossed. Just as Body Perception is distorted in eating disorder cases...We are seeing a whole new generation of Facial Distortion due to overuse in younger people or "Spa Gals"

5. Alternatives are Available

There is nothing but your dental condition to give structure to the lower face, and gravity is mean! Another option to filler to help with this is MCA. Multitrepptipanic Collagen Actuation which uses a "controlled" injury to create Collagen in these areas. The structure it creates is long lasting and much cheaper than fillers. Call Lynn at 919-291-7810 If you would like to talk about this procedure as an alternative to fillers. Instead of a "Balloon Face", You will look like yourself... and really isn't that what you really want?

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