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Living Life in Thankfulness

I was paying attention this past month to thankfulness. Yes: Its the season. But really guys.... shouldn't it be our lifestyle? I used to say to my kid..."Be Thankful...Not Thinkful!" I tell myself that often. But..this week I heard the most amazing description: I wish it was mine and I don't even know whom to credit, but it went like this:

You tune your radio into stations you want to hear: that will benefit you at the time. I like inpirational. Some might want country, pop, rap, alternative, talk, comedy... You get my point. You tune the radio into that FREQUENCY.

What Frequency are you setting your life to? Vibrate your essance with Thankfulness for the big and small things you've been blessed with physically and spirtiually and receive more of the same. Or vibrate with cursed sadness at the poverty and disgrace you feel you are in and receive more of the same. Wow. Ding Ding in my head

In the line of Permanent Beauty I want to Stress: Be Thankful for the Uniqueness God made in You! Psalm 139:14 "I am fearfully and wonderfully made!" Don't try to cookie cut your look into someone else's idea of beauty. There are many advances that are affordable to help us take good care of our earthly keep up the maintainence so to speak. Use these. But Love the You that He created.

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Ones

Live Beautifully

Lynn Soles

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