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Mindfulness and Beauty

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

"Mindfulness" has been a topic that I have embraced in the past few years. Taking time to notice and appreciate what is happening with you in the moment; be it a delicious bite of dinner, a spouse's touch and the timbre of their voice, The laugh of a child, the color of the sky while driving home. While this sounds so easy we tend to rush through everyday tasks and are always looking ahead to the next thing..... But what about THIS thing? And this is true also for pain; the sorrow of a loss, the ache of a tooth, the boredom of an unpleasant day. My favorite band "Needtobreathe" has a line in their song "Keep your eyes open" It says that "pain is just a place where your will has been broken". I am trying to find purpose in pain and sorrow to grow and be thankful for the healing I know will take place in Christ.

I have often heard "How vain do you have to be to have Permanent Makeup put on?" I have seen the opposite. With the confidence you are putting your best face forward, you are not checking your reflection in every mirror or window. You are able to easily look out from yourself to the things around you. Being ready when a moment is happening to not rush and put on liner or lipstick. So I see permanent makeup as Mindful Beauty, and a freedom from vanity.

Thanks for joining me today!

I Hope you Live Beautifully and Mindfully

a picture used to display mindfulness and beauty

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