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Microblading with Permanent Beauty

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

an example of microblading
Signature 3D Hair Stroke Brow done by Lynn Soles. Nano needle and with machine. No scarring.

I am asked at least 5 times a week if I do “microblading”, Can I train someone to “Microblade”, where do I get certified in and Can I please fix microblading…. I preface this blog with “hats off “to some who are doing good procedures and are reputable and licensed technicians. This is a tattoo...Your artist must have a permit with the Dept of Health displayed for you to observe. Demand certification from anyone working on your face!

So what is this latest, seemily greatest, procedure? How is it different than other brow procedures? Are there pros and cons? Let's get right down to the answers you’re looking for:

MIcroblading (rebranded from ‘softap”method) is a tattoo procedure where the technician uses a tool (much like a scalpel) to diagonally slice cuts in a brow area and then rubs ink into the cut creating a “brow hair” . It is an older way to tattoo that has recently had a rebirth in social media and spas all around. It can have amazing life-like results under the hand of a great tech.

If you are considering microblading check credentials and the tech should be able to use a high-quality anaesthetic. They should provide you with before/after/healed pictures and references. Ask if he or she will stay with you through follow up procedures as this is not a long-lasting service nor is it a ‘one and done’ procedure. Be careful of lowest pricing as your artist should be paid enough to cover their training, insurance, quality supplies and the time to care for follow ups.

While I have seen some great procedures the problem shows up in the healing. Because microblading is a hand tool procedure..the technician will likely break the skin deeper than when they pull out..(think of a paper-cut) For this reason the result can be a darker spot at the beginning of the hairstroke and less color at the end. I have seen dotted brows in my practise doing correction work. Also the color of the pigment tends to go cool. Being that pigment is put into a flap of skin , usually there is scarring that is hard to “boost” when you want to refresh the design.

There is a bit more bleeding with this choice for brow and when there is more body fluids, the tendency for the color to lift is accelerated.

At Permanent Beauty I offer a 3D Signature Brow that replicates the natural hair growth to look naturally flawless. Because I am using a machine..the depth of pigment is uniform. I use a nano velvet needle that produces no scarring. The color will not go green or pink. The pigment is put into the skin perpendicularly which is an optimum alternative to cutting at a diagonal with a hand tool. All my pigments are made in America and MRI Safe.

So can a microbladed brow be salvaged? Yes. I do corrective work, however, assuming the responsibility for a client’s brow which was started elsewhere poses a lot of commitment for me. I am working on a ‘canvas” that was not begun or followed the procedure that I would normally execute. Information on Pigment Used is not available to me so I must do color correction and produce a desirable outcome. Oh how I have wished a client would have done research and come to me to ask questions. If you are considering brow enhancement..

Please Apply to Sit in Lynn’s chair at and find out which procedure is right for you.

Live Beautifully

Lynn Soles

Permanent Beauty

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