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OH My Goodness! You had Permanent Makeup Tattooed on?! Didn't that HURT?

That is One of the first things clients tell me they hear when they show up somewhere with makeup

The answer they inevitably give is "Not Really"!

My favorite lyric in a song by Needtobreathe says "Pain is just a place the will has been broken" Speaking about Permanent Makeup Procedures, your will may not be "broken" but you have put an awful lot of trust and expectation into my hands. My goal is to keep you comforted and comfortable with atmosphere and anaesthetics.

Permanent makeup has come a long way in 10 years. Available to me are the greatest numbing agents, machines and pigments. And 19 years in this business has afforded me the practice of being gentle but still getting the results you are looking for. Most "pain" is just momentary and My procedures do not last for hours.

How Painful are

BROWS? Brows are mapped and measured to fit your face (no stenciling here!) We choose color and texture to meet your needs. We begin brows using an annoying ice cube..but use great pain control for the rest of procedure. And remember a procedure will only have me actually working on them for about 1/2 hour

Eyeliner? Eyeliner is the easiest procedure for my clients. We numb your whole eye up really well for a good 30 minutes. By the time I'm working on those eyes you feel an annoying tickly feeling.

Lips? They are very vascular and so they hurt very quickly but also numb up very quickly.

The beginning of lining the top lip is the worst...but that lasts minutes.

It's a momentary pain and I've never had a client who couldn't do it

or regretted the momentary Pain.

Skin Needling/MCA Can be a bit painful at the start of procedure. Most Clients describe it akin to getting Novacaine Injections at their dentist Again This a quick procedure and I use paincontrolling measures . The outcome usually erases any momentary pain.

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