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The Anatomy of A Scar: The 4 phases of Skin Healing

Scars are stories, history written on the body. A favorite quote says "A scar simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you." We don't get through life without them and why should we want to? All that living means we expose our vulnerable bodies to wonderful and trying times. A scar is a result of injury to the outside layers of your skin. Your body is made to heal itself (Psalm 139:14 says "I will praise YOU for I am fearfully and wonderfully made" .

Scars go through 4 phases as they do the work of keeping you safe.

  1. Injury: This can be a surgery or a mishap with burns or stiches. Right away your body begins to inflame and send a signal to your skin to begin this miracle!

  2. Granule Formulation: Your cells start to harden and granualize to begin building new tissue.

  3. Fibroplast! Awesome collagen begins to give strength to tissue

  4. Maturity: Your new collagen begins to soften and shrink. (This is the phase where the scar is pliable and is able to be manipulated.) Permanent Beauty can help blend this new tissue and diminish the appearance of scars.

Scars come in all shapes and sizes. A Keloid scar is a healed result of excess production of collagen. This can cause a raised scar. Needling can help a keloid scar relax and flatten. Scars can leave indentions in the skin, and needling can be used to encourage more collagen production in lower areas.

Scars are something that should be celebrated! You made it through! Your Body is on your side. I love the fact that when Jesus resurrected, He showed his friends the scars in His hands and side. They rejoiced. (John 20:20)It was evidence of History in His body and a hope for a new life for all of us.

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