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Don't Die Ugly
Live Beautifully

by Lynn A. Soles

A memoir and guidebook supporting others through long-term illnesses and surgeries

 “This book is part journal—including the messy and difficult parts— part encouragement, and part helpful tips for you or anyone you love who faces these challenges. My life has always been about creating beauty, and I want to create beauty with you, even in these difficult moments. Thank you for bringing me with you on your life journey!” – Lynn Soles, Don’t Die Ugly 

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Lynn Accongio Soles is all about creating beauty. She is a Certified Cosmetic Professional trained by the Society of Permanent Cosmetics (SPCP) where she upholds the highest standards of ethical permanent cosmetic practices. She owns and operates Permanent Beauty LLC, a company specializing in permanent makeup, paramedical tattooing, and body art, among other services. 


Lynn is married to her soulmate Chris, who works in the construction industry. He’s a creative guy in his own right, whose creative projects have included designing an addition to the little farmhouse they live in and creating furnishings for their home from architectural salvage. They partner on artworks where Lynn paints an image or design on top of a poured resin design Chris has created.


Lynn enjoys her family and now being a grammy. She and Chris are active in their local church.

As an award-winning artist and a teacher of art, her work has been displayed in numerous galleries and murals throughout the Carolinas where she has had a variety of exhibitions. Her students include many award-winning artists, and she implemented the Art Enrichment Program’s accreditation for the Association of Christian Schools, Inc. In her Art Positive studio, she nurtures and challenges people of all ages in their artistry.


As a nominee for both 2019 Citizen of the Year and 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year, she has shown that she has both the talent and care to provide clients with the best service possible.  Her experience as a judge at the prestigious Stevie Awards has been extensive. 

When she was diagnosed with cancer in 2022, she had to choose: Die soon and ugly from cancer or enter a long course of treatments that might allow her to regain the life she’d known. The demands of chemotherapy and other treatments set new limits on what she could do, but also encouraged her to focus more on tending the spiritual growth that would outlast her earthly lifespan.


The cancer journey became a blessing as she was given a new view of how God creates inner beauty in those who have a deep affection for Him. She was able to come up with a remarkable memoir and guidebook entitled, “Don’t Die Ugly”, written in the course of her first year of treatment, which gives real-life guidance for best supporting others through long-term illnesses and surgeries.

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