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2022 Summer Beauty Hacks 1 2 3

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Ahhh Summer; Sweet Freedom and now that some of us are able to be maskfree.. Here's some great tips I use for an easy Summer Look!

  1. Exfoliate and Spray Tan Weekly

Wash face with a mixture of vitamin e oil and salt (sugar if your skin is ultra-sensitive)

Tap dry and then lightly mist with spray tan (Sallys quick tan med for me) Dry with hairdrier: repeat then sleep soundly and shower in am.

2 Contour & Highlight

Find a makeup powder that is one shade darker than your base (Sally Hansen leg makeup med for me). Add a few spots underneath your cheek bones and temple and lightly along your jaw line.

Add a glowing highlight along your upper cheek bone.

Blend with a large soft brush dipped in light bronzer

3. Lash Rescue

Just discovered a cheap alternative to expensive Lash Extensions! KISS Falsecara! If you can put on mascara this is awesome! It has a bond and seal that allows you to wear "flairs" at the corner of each eye to give you a great lash line. EASY to use and EASY to remove without harming your lashes!

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