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3D tattoo brow on point!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

You don't need to slice your face like a filet to get a great hairstroke brow with no scarring!

Microbloading is really an old way to tattoo. Many practitioners don't want you to know this is an easy hand tool to put in pigment on the face. Your artist must be licensed as it is still a tattoo.

I hear daily "I want them to look natural" Using a nanoneedle I create 3d brows that look real. And let's be clear... If you wanted to look natural you would just save your money and let nature take its course with your face.

I know what "natural" to you means Ladies. You want to look on point with no stress. You want them all to say "Whatever she's got I need it"

Let me consult with you on your best design for "natural-looking" beauty


Live Beautifully!


tattoo brow example image

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