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4 Services you may have missed....

Non-Surgical Neck Treatment

Nothing shows age more prominently than the neck! Face it; holding up your beautiful head with dignity is a tough job! You may have thought you needed to go "under the knife" for this delicate area. Needling can give structure and relief from stiffness. Innovative tightening targets the jaw and neck. Call for your consult!

Eyelash Perming and Tinting. Gives a natural look sans mascara and eyelash curling. If you just don't want the time and drama to this beauty requirement then lash tinting and perming may be right for you.

Skin Camouflage can help blend burn scars, vitalago, and acne scarring

An Array of Facials, the newest being "BBGLOW". A natural-looking base makeup that lasts up to 3 months performed with anesthetic to give you a break from that routine. Also, a "SummerGLOW" Facial gives a healthy bronzed glow that lasts up to 2 weeks. Call us before your next special occasion

Body Art. Need a little "something". Tattoo process in Lynn's hands is comfortable, using anesthetics. Also, Lynn is an accomplished artist and can work with you to design a personal image. No clip art here. This can also be used to create "memory" tattoos... using your loved one's handwriting. Call for a consultation.

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